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Other Publications by Dr. Janice Harper

Janice Harper’s articles frequently appear in the Psychology Today and Huffington Post where she has written on a variety of topics including art, food, parenting, social justice, workplace issues, and popular culture. Below are a few of her more popular pieces.

Articles and Publications


Dear Landlord: A Letter to the Investor Buying Our Apartment Building,” Front Page feature in Seattle Weekly, March 24, 2016


Janice Harper has been a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post where her essays have regularly appeared on its front pages. You can find a link to her HP writings here.


Janice Harper’s blog, Beyond Bullying: Peace Building at Home, Work and School” was featured by Psychology Today and covered topics related to aggression, bullying and mobbing. Her essays can be found here.

Eat the Pig
    A true but campy tale of what fieldwork is really like.  Amazon link here.