Coaching for Targets of Mobbing

Coaching-for-targets-of-mobbing-Janice-HarperCoaching for Targets of Mobbing
Dr. Harper’s writings on the topic of collective aggression or “mobbing” have led her to become one of the leading voices in the topic of workplace abuse. In addition to her book, Mobbed! A Survival Guide to Adult Bullying and Mobbing, Dr. Harper has written many pieces on the topic for Psychology Today and The Huffington Post. She regularly hears from targets of workplace, family and community mobbing and provides coaching services for those who need help understanding what is happening and support in getting through it. If you feel that coaching may be appropriate for you, please contact Dr. Harper for more information.

Please note that Dr. Harper’s coaching services do not include legal advice or psychological therapy, and that she is selective about who she works with. Dr. Harper does not work with targets of “gang stalking,” or anyone seeking revenge. But if you want to minimize the aggression against you, take responsibility for your own future, and are willing to be introspective as you set out to safeguard your job, career, and sanity, Dr. Harper may be able to help you do just that.

“Thanks for sharing your experiences ….and explaining the mobbing phenomenon.  Your description of the stages and what’s coming next has been spot on and your suggestions are solid. Frankly, it’s like there is a “play book” on this. Your articles have provided insight and understanding and helped me move through this experience. Thank you !”


“I discovered you and your work in the aftermath of a mobbing incident that I barely survived.  In my efforts to make sense of it all, I desperately trolled the digital sphere for understanding and came across your book and articles which brought comfort and provided a road map out of the darkness . Can’t thank you enough for your hard work shedding light on this diabolical workplace practice.  I am inspired by your courage.”


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